Welcome to the Kipper Club, a London based suit label founded by the “Wardrobe Whisperer” Sarah Corbett-Winder. 
Kipper : A Tailoress. As women began to work on Savile Row, they travelled in pairs to avoid any unwelcome advances from randy tailors!
For Sarah Corbett-Winder, a suit has always served as a piece of armour. In her opinion you will never feel more powerful and centered as you do when you are wearing a suit. Sarah has spent years showing her audience how to wear and style a suit; how to make it work for your daily life. A Kipper suit is full of contradictions, fun and whimsy; equally at home at a glamorous party as it is in the supermarket.
Fabrics are sourced from British mills, and each suit is not only designed but also crafted in Great Britain. Kipper is super proud to support local industries.   
Don’t wait too long to “Join the Club” as each piece is created in limited runs.